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May 10

Empty Words

by fwoan | 2 Comments »
tillwe via flickr
tillwe via flickr

Time for Obama to string along the LGBTQ community once again! Time for the whole liberal community to blow a fucking gasket over the most insignificant events, because they have been trained to survive on so little sustenance that the mere mention of a plausible “thumbs up” to an issue they sort of care about makes them cum in their pants. Obama supports marriage equality. Boom. Cue applause. If anyone on the planet thinks that this is an indication of our country wandering out of the dark ages on this issue any time soon – I hope they go run into a burning building.

Yeah, he supports it. That’s actually great and deserves some mild credit. Congratulations Obama, you have been “evolving” for so many years on this issue that to arrive at anything other than the most obvious conclusion would have been astounding. Good job man, you picked the right answer. Done. Now, to look at other things Obama has “supported” paints a grim picture. Remember how long he supported the repeal of DADT – a policy he could have ended with the flick of a pen? Years. Well, until it was time for mid-term elections, then he waited while some of the most corrupt and vile bigots in Congress argued over it. What better way to kick off the reelection campaign than more empty proclamations?

He still seems to think that this is an issue for states to decide on an individual basis. Because state governments have such a great record on instituting equality, abortion and segregation aside… If North Carolina wants to outlaw marriage equality, Obama is still cool with that. Unless thousands of people mobilize and demonstrate and kick and yell, nothing will be done – just like DADT. DADT would still be argued about if not for so many groups organizing and forcing the issue. This stunt, unless backed up by actions which I’m sure we’ll never see, is nothing more than an attempt by Mr. Obama to get you lefties back in line at a voting booth.

Think of him as a liberal friend I’m sure you all already know, that can speechify correctly on several issues but the moment you ask him to join you in a protest he is suddenly busy that day. Sorry everybody, but don’t forget to reelect him – who knows what he’ll support next?