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via ffffound

The so-called “Super” Congress tasked with finding a means of cutting the deficit is a pure and simple joke. A joke few, if any, are likely to fall for. It is most simply designed to further the austerity agenda and steal from the poor of this country in order to further fund this stumbling empire’s tragic mistakes. If these wise old members of our congress fail to come up with spending cuts and revenue increases by late November, the cuts get made anyway, though they are across the board. The whole arrangement is the most obvious attempt at planned dead-lock I have ever seen. Who seriously believes that this group will come up with an agreed upon solution, or that if they do, it will be passed by their peers in congress? Or beyond that, that any measures that would possibly be passed by this monied body would be satisfactory to any portion of the working classes? Maybe 9% of Americans that still approve of Congress do.

With a legislative body only known for its inability to do anything, they have finally found a process which uses that inability to further the agenda of Power. I mean, look at the “solutions” these idiots are providing us. This isn’t a hard task, the deficit is not a complicated subject – no matter how much it is mystified and obscured for us. Stop the wars, close the bases, end the funding of death, tax the shit out of the rich, invest in our infrastructure, forgive people’s debt. But because the debt is such an important weapon against the poor, it goes directly against the interests of those in power to even fix it. We are in a position where the U.S. government can not right this ship because this is a country designed to cannibalize our poor in order to aid corporate-wealth. It is the same people warning us that the ship is sinking all the while hacking away at the hull.

The Occupy movement is a movement of class consciousness in America that is directly against those interests creating structures like the “super” Congress. It shows that we have entered a period of rebellion against the interests, but it doesn’t necessitate the working classes’ victory. This movement, like all liberation movements, will be attacked, will sustain attempts to hijack it, will have to fend of usurpers from the Power classes. The most important strategy will be understanding that those who have previously attempted to speak for the “people,” like the Democratic Party, are not allies to the Occupiers. Liberals, Progressives, Democrats do not have agendas that are compatible with liberation, but only seek to put a more friendly face on the crimes perpetrated against workers.

If in control, these forces will direct the massive energy of the Occupy movement into the process of our government, a place where all good ideas go to die. Like the Wisconsin union protests, if directed into a ballot-box, the Occupy movement will wither and accept a loss. A loss which will be portrayed as a victory by its new leaders, when they tell us not to be enemies of the “good.”