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A science blog I like to read published a post of interest to me this week showing the bonuses to democracy if our legislators were chosen at random. This is a subject I am very interested in because it is one of the only systems that we could employ in order to ensure that our legislators do not become a carefully groomed breed of absurdly rich, created in order to benefit their peers while the workers of the world suffer a gradual grinding into dust. If we were given a chance to run our own lives, we could make this world a better place; a place made for the betterment of all our sisters and brothers. Not only does this ring true in our hearts when we look at the world the ultra-rich have created for themselves at our expense – but science is showing us that it makes sense as well!

While the article reference at this blog says that a combination of elected officials and randomly selected citizens is the most efficient, my reading suggests this is mostly as a precaution against rocking the boat too much against the interests that have controlled society for far too long. Sure, this combination shows benefits to our society and would be a big improvement over the system as it currently stands, but as leftists we want to entirely reshape this world – not merely improve the efficiency of the one we have.

Furthermore this article only considers a two-party system, which we have already seen for centuries – leaves a lot to be desired. It is a perfect design for choking off real change. Do away with so-called ‘parties’ and team-politics and instead have a body of people interested in furthering the interests of their respective communities and amazing things will happen.