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Jun 11

Both Our Nations Are Born of Blood

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Helen Thomas’ recent comments, however inartful they may have been, are essentially correct. The Zionist government of Israel needs to be dissolved. While the Rachel Corrie and her passengers were not killed like previous attempts to bring aid to Gaza, the aid supplies were again prevented from reaching a people that desperately need them. The crimes against humanity Zionism has been responsible for eliminate any possibility that it can or should be party to any “two-state” solution and like any reactionary, repressive, superstitious, racist ideology – it should be removed from power. That Israel’s modern origins spring from the events of the holocaust, makes the holocaust it imposes on Palestinians all the more disgraceful.

Every Tuesday I get together with a few friends at a local bar to have fun and relax. This week, somehow, our discussion wandered onto Thomas’ recent comments and my friends were surprised to hear me defending her. One of my friends unintentionally made the important correlation to our own country’s history when she asked if I believed America should be given back to the people that originally inhabited these lands and whether I should move back to the country where my ancestors came from. I think this is the all-important key to the American discussion of Israel/Palestine. Because we only fashionably accept that we destroyed the civilizations that preceded us here and have never as a society tried to take responsibility for or accept that our country exists because we perpetrated a genocide and theft from ocean to ocean, we don’t see the obvious parallels that make this “complex” issue only too simple to understand.

If we were to see our own sins in the discussion of Israel, the issue becomes transparent. I think these ideas are deliberately obfuscated so that America’s power-classes can carefully control public opinion and maintain its hegemony-by-proxy in the Middle East. As long as we don’t see the Palestinians as similar to the Native Americans we are unable to see this issue can be understood on American terms. Instead we mask it through ideas of “terrorism” and religious superstition until the convenient world view is the only one applicable.

Unfortunately the original civilizations of our lands largely no longer exist, but the Palestinians’ do! It’s not too late to begin the reversal of another “manifest destiny.” Unlike Thomas, I don’t believe that Israelis as people need to physically go anywhere to make progress on the situation but rather the sympathizers of Zionism need to taken from power and jailed for the crimes they have committed. The Palestinians need to be taken from the camps and ghettos and embraced as sisters and brothers as the past has shown is possible.

More great recent articles on Zionism can be found at American Leftist and Socialist Worker.

With the recent unfortunate events of Israel’s storming of a flotilla bound for the Gaza Strip with aid supplies, one hopes (futilely) that the U.S. rethinks its relationship with the apartheid state of Israel. Though even as I am writing this draft, sources are coming out everywhere denying any possibility of this, with even our vice president coming out to defend the Israel’s murderous actions. I admit up-front that my hopes are futile as the actions of one death-state should hardly offend its death-state allies.
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Apr 5

What Evidence, Mr. President? (updated)

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Richard, over at American Leftist, highlighted an article (Thanks, Jack Crow) advertising Obama’s assertion that Iran is attempting to build nuclear weapons. Forgive me for being skeptical of a US president claiming evidence of WMD in a country in the Middle East, but the world has seen no such evidence and too many have died over similar assertions. Unless you have some ultra-secret new evidence – you’re lying to us. Every agency tasked with finding such evidence has been unable to do so.
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