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If our fire departments are run on a subscription-based policy rather than for the good of the whole community, does it really protect anyone? Hasn’t this horrible situation played out enough already with the police forces around our country;  servicing and protecting the rich while ignoring or killing the poor? If only those that can pay a subscription can receive protection from fires, our communities suffer.

The story of the Cranick family’s home and pets being consumed by a house fire while the local fire department simply watched and refused to help, citing a due subscription fee of $75, is heartbreaking. It shows the innate cruelty residing within capitalist “free markets” and shows the lack of empathy it encourages in our sisters and brothers. If we are trained not to care for one another to such an extent that someone’s home is allowed to burn in the name of a $75 fee, how can anyone be comforted by the thought that the system is working? Indeed many of our politicians and media stars are coming out in favor of such a system, and the Obion County Budget Committee has decided to expand the subscription service to more towns.

Glenn Beck, defender of freedom and democracy, came out in defense of such an inhumane policy citing that the city could not afford to budget for a fire department otherwise. He went on talking about those who don’t pay are seeking to “spunge” off of their neighbors… This is the system we live in now, where one’s greed and selfishness takes priority over the compassion of helping stop your neighbors’ homes and pets from burning down. Nevermind that a 0.13 cent increase in property taxes per household would fund a fire department for the entire county. What’s really important is making sure that no one uses your dollars for the good of the whole community – maybe even some brown people!

The sources (not worth your rage linking to them here) that call this family “jerks, freeloaders, and ingrates” and the fire a problem  ”they create for themselves”, act as if this family was high on the joy created by the possibility of using someone else’s money and ran out of their house laughing maniacally as flames nipped at their heels.

I don’t know what the Cranick’s financial situation, but it seems that those that are the least likely to be able to pay a subscription fee would be those with the most to lose if their house burned to the ground.

Since around the summer of 2008, a group of angry people who have currently coalesced under the banner of the Tea Party have been using every opportunity to obstruct much needed progress in our country. They march under demands and vague calls for smaller government, for “real” Americans to “take back” America, a rollback of every aspect of the welfare state, and lower taxes. They endorse mythical conspiracies about Obama’s birth place, his religion, czars, his supposed role in biblical prophesy, “big government”, and a series of other bogeymen they’ve been told to be very scared of.
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