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Today, LGBT advocacy group GetEQUAL organized six former military vets to handcuff themselves to the White House gate. Lieutenant Daniel Choi was present after last month’s event where he and Captain Jim Pietrangelo also handcuffed themselves to the same fence. GetEQUAL was also present at President Obama’s appearance at a fundraiser for Barbara Boxer and several times heckled the president causing him to get pretty angry.

Why is this finally happening?

After being told over and over that a repeal for DADT would happen this year, we now hear that Obama will not call for its repeal in 2010. Obama loves to talk about his support for LGBT rights but as time passes and less happens, it becomes more and more obvious that Obama is simply using the gay community for votes. When heckled last night he stopped his speech and, like a teacher scolding a student asked, “I’m sorry, do you want to come up here?”, which got the stupid crowd rolling in laughter and ooh’s like Obama had just served up an ice burn. That didn’t deter the protester. As the cries continued the crowd decided to drown this person out with a moronic “YES WE CAN! YES WE CAN! SLADUKFGWEJYBWE!!!” chant that reminds one of a trained pet performing some ritual in order to get a treat. Obama further defended himself again stating that he supports a repeal of DADT, as if that counts for anything, as if that nudges up some equality-o-meter that gauges this sort of thing. Video of this event is here and the events mentioned take place around 5:20.

GetEQUAL is getting reactions

When those six veterans handcuffed themselves to the gate today the entire area surrounding the White House was shut down. Not even the press was allowed to report on the events. This and Obama’s reaction are signs that GetEQUAL is doing something right. They aren’t allowing themselves to be ignored and they aren’t passively sitting by waiting for Obama to finally do what he says he “supports.” These reactions show that they are upsetting the power structure and upsetting the status quo. Change like the changes our society requires will only happen when maintaining the status quo becomes impossible.