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401(K) 2012 via flickr
401(K) 2012 via flickr

Oh hey there, did you know that big-bad millionaire Romney wont release his tax returns? I’ll bet you have, because it’s one of the only goddamn things I ever see anymore when I confront some source of election information (I get what I deserve, I know). I bet everyone knows that Mittens wont release his voluminous, Game-of-Thrones-length tax returns – and people are upset! It’s really something to get upset about, apparently! At least, that’s what I’m being told by whatever talking face is screaming at me on the television. Cuz like, what if there’s something… bad in there. Like, what if, maybe, it comes cout that Mittens is a multi-millionaire that employs a team of tax experts to exploit every single loophole in our disaster of a tax code to make sure that he pays as little (if anything at all!) as possible to the government? I mean, that would be like… mean, right? Fuckin’ right, that’s what he’s doing and if you’re surprised by that you’re a moron.

We’re living in a country that has taken every opportunity available to it to tilt the tax code in this country in favor of the owning-classes. Those of us not millionaires  must carry a larger and larger burden while our overlords scream for further tax cuts. Any sense of their own responsibility to the society that made their every success a possibility is lost and it is allowed to be lost. Our government, if not members themselves of these criminal classes, is forever indebted to them in order to maintain their power. Does anyone reading this actually think that Romney is not taken advantage of every possible way available to lessen his taxes? Do you really think he would pay more than he had to?  Of course not.

But maybe Romney went further. Maybe he even did something illegal. For shame! Send in the police to arrest him and we shall send him to court and have our reckoning – just like we did for those responsible for crashing the Western World’s economy in 2008, remember? Oh wait. Even if it came out that he had illegal dealings in his taxes (and really, we should just assume he does because it’s just too common) no one would lay a hand on Romney. The upper-class protects itself, unless one of its members takes advantage of his or her peers, like Madoff. Romney knows this, he’s not scared of us.

Nobody thinks Romney is going to win this election. It could be seen a million miles away that Republicans are throwing this election by putting up the worst possible candidate so that none of its more promising members would suffer a shaming. These tax returns wont come out simply because it will serve as another example to the American public about what the upper class can get away with that you or I could never do. Geithner can blame Turbo Tax for thousands of missed taxes and gets to be Treasury Secretary. If it happened to you or I, we’d be homeless and penniless. Romney gets a chance to be President.