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Remember when Joe Sestak decided that Democrats needed more choice than reelecting newly Democratic Arlen Specter and decided to primary him? Well now that his position as the party’s candidate is secured, Sestak wants to make sure the choice are limited once again. You see, choice was only good as long as it provided him with another rung on his climb to power.

It seems Mr. Sestak is now attempting to remove other parties from the ballot, specifically the Green Party candidate Mel Packer. There’s something odd about a party named after democracy seeking to provide voters with less options, but to ponder too long on this would be to deny the reality of our Democratic Party. Does Mr. Sestak realize the threat to power represented by Mr. Packer? Instead of addressing why he wouldn’t offer similarly attractive positions to Mr. Packer, Joe Sestak seeks to simply remove him from the discussion. Thereby keeping our discourse on issues that preserve the status quo.

The Republicans are also trying a similar approach to remove nativist American Constitution Party candidate Tom Tancredo. Even if I find Mr. Tancredo’s politics disgusting, it still represents an effort by the two corporate backed parties to limit and direct discussion. Those that choose to participate in our country’s electoral politics will find an ever limited range given to choose from.

Another example of the myth of American democracy.

Watching and Reporting on the GameWhen one takes the time to read liberal blogs a pattern quickly becomes apparent. When one is so entangled in the system of our government it obscures what one is actually cheering for or raging against. The line, ideologically speaking, becomes so blurred that thankfully one is able to determine which people deserve cheering or choking with a simple initial next to their name proudly proclaiming R or D! A member such as Arlen Specter, once a Republican and embodying everything “wrong” with our society, can change his party affiliation and suddenly this baptism allows for the ignoring of his policy beliefs by the liberal masses.
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