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bIKEpUNKpRINTING via flickr
bIKEpUNKpRINTING via flickr

2011! What wonderful things will our glorious leaders bestow upon us this coming year? We have the 2012 presidential campaign to start listening to – which I’m looking forward to providing a few good laughs. I’m not going to make any predictions but will be looking to see if Obama decides he needs to bulk up his presidentialness by attacking Iran; whether or not Julian Assange will be forced to the United States for a show trial; or if our leaders will cut the final strings of the American social safety net under the Orwellian banner of “fiscal responsibility”.
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graymalkn via flickr
graymalkn via flickr

One year ago today I published my first post on this site. It took a lot of convincing by friends to make me understand that I even had anything to say that was worth publishing. I’m usually a pretty quiet person about this stuff (unless I’ve had a couple drinks) and didn’t really take to the idea of writing all this stuff down. But, over the course of this year I have met many wonderful people and learned a lot of important things. Today, I am so glad that I started this blog.
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Sep 13

Going on Vacation

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Hey all, I’m going to be travelling for a couple weeks out of the country. I’ll be out of contact so your comments may not show up on a timely basis and my replies will certainly be lacking.

I will be returning late September.

I have tried to prepare a few automated posts (short ones) to show up in my absence so enjoy that.

My reading list while I am away will be:

  • The Ancestor’s Tale by Richard Dawkins
  • The Stranger by Albert Camus
  • Commonwealth by Antonio Negri and Michael Hardt
  • The Fortress of Solitude by Johnathan Lethem

Talk to you again soon.