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Nov 21

“Thanksgiving” (updated)

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DonkeyHotey via flickr
DonkeyHotey via flickr

As if the leaders of our government’s legislative bodies couldn’t be more deaf to the demands of not just those courageous enough to protest in the Occupy movement, but to long-standing widespread public opinion throughout the country, their latest campaign seen in the planned and managed train wreck that is the “Super Congress” is nothing more than barely masked austerity designed not to create jobs for the mass of unemployed, but to rob them further. Remember the Bush tax cuts, the ones that along with two costly wars has drained the ability for the U.S. government to provide even basic service to its most vulnerable citizens? Remember when Obama, who campaigned dishonestly for ending the cuts, extended them for the millionaires whilst the poorest still go without basic necessities every day? Well, looks the Democrats might have them made permanent.

In a leaked document from the committee, the Democrats seem ready to give us another of their wonderful “deals” by making the Bush tax cuts permanent. It seems another of the myriad reasons we had to get rid of Bush and the Republicans in ’06 and ’08, has become one of Democrat’s own planks, a set of ideals written on palimpsest. It seems that the Republican half of this committee will not allow any revenue increases (which will of course be offset by the permanence of these tax cuts) without this agreement, so of course the Democratic members will immediately grant these demands. Keeping membership of this committee at 12 allows our corporate lobbyists to work to only have one Democrat vote in the interests of wealth to have a majority – barely a task at all.

While thousands gather in the streets of cities across the country decrying the ever widening chasm between the rich and the poor, our leaders are simply moving ahead with their agenda, seemingly ignoring us. While children and elderly are beaten by police batons for simply giving voice to the protest of wealth, the legislators we “elected” pay no mind and fan themselves with wads of cash freshly squeezed from your wallet. Their actions, I believe, only serve to further radicalize the workers of this country. It’s like they are fanning the flames by thumbing their nose in the face of massive protest. Where these protests show only the briefest glimmer of action, the Rich Man’s Army of Police Batons comes swinging, hoping to crush dreams and bones alike.

When this week’s holiday rolls around and news of failure comes from this committee, resulting in further cuts to the lifeline of social safety, gather with your loved ones around what feast you can still afford and be thankful that these millionaires in Congress will sleep no worse in their silk sheets and gated mansions. This holiday, built around the concept of coming together as a community and sharing alike so that all may enjoy the fruits of hard labor, has become antithetical to the very country that created it and representative of ideals that our “free”-market police-state will spend the weekend working to dismantle.