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Stacy Lynn Baum via flickr
Stacy Lynn Baum via flickr

Hello again, I’m back. I had a lot of work to catch up on and some family tragedies which prevented me from updating for a bit. I’m glad to be past it (or for the most part, but writing here will help get the last of it over with – I hope) and back here. I have been watching the news with an eye that always looks towards what I am going to be writing about next and so much has happened that it was hard for me to decide what I should come back to blogging with. The recent attacks on the lives of women by the male power structure of our society have dominated my attention, though.

The Republican primaries have fueled what seems to be a race to the bottom in backward thinking. All around us, Medieval notions about the roles of women and the decisions that they make over their bodies are being called back into question. Invasive procedures that amount to rape for women wanting an abortion are serious discussions. Women are locked out of positions in a panel to discuss birth-control, of all things. Santorum’s opinions on women’s rights seems more at home in a Salem witch trial. Backward religious superstitions are allowed to halt initiatives on preventative health-care for women, while those same institutions pay for Viagra for men.

The women of America are told that pregnancies resulting from rape are gifts from god, that women speaking out for contraception are “sluts.” Americans fooled into thinking that their sisters, their mothers, their wives are unequal to them are unable to recognize the crimes perpetrated against us all through the spectre of female liberation. When we allow all of our health-care needs be dismantled and governed by ancient, malnourished shepherds in a dessert, men suffer right along with the women in their lives, and don’t be fooled into thinking these conservatives don’t realize it.

This group, which cannot get enough of spouting useless phrases about cutting spending, takes every opportunity to saddle the less-than-millionaires of this country with more spending at every opportunity. A myriad of women’s health issues are addressed through contraceptives, unwanted pregnancies are prevented (and thus less abortions, ya dopes!), and other savings to the state that, if actually spending conscious as they say, conservatives should be in the front of the line demanding these mandates. It isn’t about spending money or saving money, it’s about starving you and your loved ones into oblivion and letting them keep the pennies it would take to save you.

The conservatives can shout about how their taxes shouldn’t be spent in order for people to have sex (as if that’s the real issue), but their real targets are women. When we recognize our sisters are as our equals we can be unstoppable, and that is what they seek to prevent.