Hello, I’m fwoan! I’m a web developer by trade with enough time on my hands to write and maintain this blog. As a former flag-waving conservative in the American south-east, I moved to the north-east and briefly dabbled in liberalism during the ’06 and ’08 elections. The ensuing failures of Democrats made me come to terms with both the capitalist parties and the prospects of reforming the system from within. This site is mainly about exploring current events through a leftist anti-capitalist perspective; it is not for cheerleading the actions of Republicans, Democrats, conservatives, or liberals. I’m all for civil, intelligent debate and discussion – so make a comment and let your voice be heard! On a personal note, I love listening to punk rock, watching reality television, and reading both fiction and nonfiction. Please feel free to use the contact form to introduce yourself or contact me!


How I Run the Site


I get a ton of spam comments. So if it’s your first time commenting, you have to wait for me to approve your comment. It’s simply to allow me to verify that you are not a bot, not because I only allow comments by people who agree with me. I hate anti-spam strategies like CAPTCHA boxes so I’d rather not subject you to them. If your comments still aren’t showing up, use the contact form and let me know that you’re having a problem. I’ll fix the issue.

Posts stay open for commenting for about six months. After 180 days, I don’t really want to have to come back to that post. The post wont go anywhere and previously made comments will remain, but as far as I’m concerned that conversation is over. If you still want to discuss something, I’d love to hear from you via the contact form.


The contact form sends me an email which I’m pretty quick about responding to. Use the contact form for anything really. Blah.