I moved to a new apartment recently and have been going about performing all the annoying tasks one does when setting up a new living space. Moving, buying furniture, assembling said furniture, getting utlities setup, decorating, the list goes one and one it seems. Finally today I decided to update my voter registration. So I went to my states elections website, printed the form, and started filling it out. I got to the point of hunting down a stamp (because who in the world keeps that shit around anymore?) before I stopped myself in my tracks and wondered, “Why am I doing this?” What goal was this activity ultimately fulfilling? Upon receiving a new voter card, it’ll almost certainly be tossed into a filing box and forgotten. Am I fired up to vote, is that it? Well, no.

I might be fired up to vote if I could help get a candidate into office that was anti-war, anti-surveillance state, pro-drug, anti-ignorance, anti-capitalist, or pro-worker. Turn on the news and we’re told about the “clear choice” presented to Americans, about the “fundamental differences” between our two main candidates. But the differences are merely cosmetic. Certainly it’s reasonable to say that decades of racist fear-mongering and a starvation of our education system have awarded Republicans with an increasingly reactionary and ignorant platform, but again most of the issues they are shouting about are distractions (I think I saw Romney pledging not to take “God” off American currency – what the fuck? Is that an issue?).

So it’s fair to say I’m not looking forward to voting, and I don’t plan to. I’m tired of always feeling like I have blood on my hands from the actions of those whom I help elect. I’m tired of caring. So I sat there filling out a form and wasn’t really sure why. Old habits die hard, I guess.

Though it also included a form for becoming an organ donor, so some good came out of it, I suppose.

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valerie says

i’m setting my sights as low as possible and trying to make it through til december. on the winchester star online today (this shithole’s newspaper) one of the regular crazies commented, the only good islamist is a dead islamist. no one batted a fucking eye. rantings continued about how christians tolerate all the hatred that all the inferior religions throw their way. i can’t even stand typing about it now. the only way people will progress is leaving religion behind. this won’t happen in my lifetime. but goddammit. i think i need to move. problem is – where. there is no escape.

fwoan says

Hi valerie, I usually avoid reading any online comments (other than the ones here!) because it’s usually filled with bile. Oh Christians and their beloved victim complex.

ms_xeno says

I guess I’ll still vote out of sentiment and because I do actually like Stein. Plus, it’s amusing to watch the True Pwog Believers around me get into a tizzy about the unseemliness of it all.

fwoan says

I assume you’re speaking about Jill Stein. I may wake up one morning in November in a voting line performing another meaningless ceremony and perhaps I’ll pull the lever for her or some other lefty.

ms_xeno says

But of course! It would be cruel to deny Demos the chance to use their favorite scapegoat. ;)

(I was thinking of writing in Bradley Manning for Mayor this year. Our main candidates are astoundingly bad. Even I stopped being jaded at the “choice” long enough to shake my head over it for several seconds last week.)

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