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changsterdam via flickr

The result, long seen by anyone even casually paying attention, of the Republican primaries has finally revealed. Mitt Romney will, much like John McCain was, be painted as the archetype of out-of-touch wealth. Which he is, and he definitely should be! He absolutely is a man who has made millions of dollars by exploiting both his fellow Americans and a system made to expand the wealth of those who have it. What is unfortunate is that the lesson being taught in this little tutorial in class consciousness for America is that voting for Obama will somehow… defeat Mitt Romney or those like him? I love that Americans are being shown just how completely far removed politicians like McCain and Romney are from the people who actually vote for them, but I hate that they are being fooled into thinking Obama or the Democrats are any different or willing to destroy this inequality.

Sure, I think we can all understand that Obama may not be as rich as someone like Romney. He’s a millionaire, but the totals of his millions falls well short against Romney’s count. How about your millions, reader? Oh? You don’t have millions? Okay, your single million dollars then. What!? You don’t even have the single million? Well, then I guess the difference between Obama’s wealth and Romney’s is really meaningless to people like you and I. Come up with all the excuses you want about the differences between how the Obamas and the Romneys supposedly acquired their mountains of wealth, but the fact is they are in a completely different class than you. Their worldview is something you and I dream about when we purchase our lottery tickets, not anywhere near the same.

This election cycle will be filled with the super-duper scary ways that Romney will rob you and I of our tiny wads o’ cash to help his super-duper rich friends stay super-duper rich. They’ll probably be mostly true too. Romney will rob the shit out of you and laugh so hard about it that his spit-flecks will shower your dirty face. There, were done with that. The point we need to get to is that so will Obama. Hell, he already has done this to us several times over. By adopting Bush’s insane tax-cuts and making them his own he has robbed any opportunity for this country to pay for shit. By lowering taxes over and over, by waging both public and secret wars that cost billions of dollars we already don’t have, by freezing pay for government workers, by sitting back and watching worker’s rights be dismantled. I could go on but it becomes unnecessary once it is pointed out – he is robbing you, period. The only difference is he has the best fucking smile in the world when he does it.

Learn this class consciousness lesson, sisters and brothers. Watch how disgustingly rich Romney is and know that it is through your hard work and a corrupt system that he is that rich. The only thing I ask is that you omit the solutions that will come from the DNC. Voting Obama will not stop this. Obama will win reelection just as sure as Romney was going to win the primary, but the scales will always be tipped in the rich’s favor. That is not up for election.

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ms_xeno says

On a related note: I remember the good old days, when I sincerely believed that Clinton I would look out for the poor, because that’s where his antecedents were.

How time flies! :p

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