Mar 16

KONY 2012

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Hilariously, several online friends on Facebook have suddenly become very concerned about the goings on in Africa. People who’s normal updates consist of “CANT WAIT TO SEE HUNGER GAMES LOL” are suddenly foreign policy experts. They watched a video, man! It had like, a super epic soundtrack! The Kony 2012 campaign has gotten a lot of liberals really ginned up to start throwing bombs at a new country.

The shady charity behind this campaign, Invisible Children, calls for American intervention in Uganda to rid the world of Joseph Kony. What’s worse, is that every moron on the planet is seemingly forgetting almost every past instance of American intervention that shows the U.S. military is not a tool used for helping the people located wherever “interventions” take place. How fucked up do the situations in Afghanistan and Iraq have to get before this concept becomes clear? How many more civilians have to be randomly gunned down by soldiers in Afghanistan for us to think maybe the U.S. military would make Uganda even worse by being there? Iraqi kids dressing in alternative sub-culture clothing are being stoned to death, and that is a country the U.S. military supposedly helped? These are examples just from the past several days, let alone the full list of tragedies created by the U.S. military’s occupation that could be brought up.

The U.S. military cannot be used to help. It is a tool used for mass killings and theft, and it performs those tasks excellently – as any of our previous “interventions” can testify to. Any craftsman can tell you that every tool has a very specific use, and using the wrong tool for a job will only result in making something worse. For every Facebook liberal I see that wants to “help” Uganda by littering its people with bombs and soldiers, I want to show them the destruction wrought by those same tools on the children and families of previous exercises.

It’s a pretty clever attempt to get Americans to be in favor of stealing resources from yet another poor country, though. Obviously, with a large majority of Americans against the fear-campaign against Iran, someone had to think of a way to make Americans smile at the prospects of more war, and the Kony 2012 campaign has done it pretty easily, it seems. Too bad they weren’t able to market General Butt Naked, I’ve heard he’s even worse and at least that would’ve been much more entertaining.

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valerie says

have you seen ‘vice guide to liberia’ ? man that general butt naked dude makes my skin crawl. also interesting, re: emo/iraq is the doc heavy metal in baghdad. both are on netflix, if you haven’t already seen them.
when we watched the vice guide to liberia it was mind blowing. it’s one thing to know that horrid conditions exisit for some citizens of this earth, but it’s a whole nother experience seeing it from the inside.
regardless of these horrors we can’t fix, let along control or manipulate, we need get the military out of everywhere. too much money to be made via occupation for this to change in my lifetime i think, but it’s nice to dream

fwoan says

valerie! Thanks for your comment. As much as I want there to be an easy solution to these terrible situations, there just isn’t. You’re absolutely right, we have to get the military out of everywhere. The American military has no reputation for fixing the societies torn apart by criminal elements, but instead a reputation for taking advantage of them and making them worse.

I haven’t seen those programs you described but I will look into them on Netflix. Thanks!

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