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Feb 9

You Could Be Our Lucky Winner!

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cathyse97 via flickr
cathyse97 via flickr

Our government does not represent us. The politicians may speak endlessly of mandates from the people, or that their elections are messages by the electorate demanding the ever more repressive policies they introduce – but it’s demonstrably false. Voter turnout is always low, and polling nearly always shows that popular opinion is against federal opinion. We have wars that no one wants, drugs policies nobody obeys, ever dwindling services that people want and need. AT this point is it even a surprise that Congressional approval rates are at 5%, with only 1% rating them as “excellent”? Of course the 1% love them. But now, polling shows that people would rather have their representatives chosen at random than the sociopathic millionaires they have today! Sounds awesome, sign me up.

“The latest Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey of Likely U.S. Voters shows that 43% believe a group of people randomly selected from the phone book would do a better job than the current Congress.” Besides the antiquated use of a phone book (who even has those anymore?) this is would be amazing. Sure, it doesn’t bode well for millionaires like Barack Obama and Mitt Romney that can buy their way into our system, but it makes the chances that you or I could actually have a role in maintaining our society sound plausible. But don’t hold your breath waiting for something like this to be implemented. The system is so corrupted that moneyed interests would never allow a truly representative government appear in this country, making sure that our choices as voters are continually stuck between millionaires that can’t wait to sell us out.

I can dream though, can’t I? How cool would that be – a government of architects, telemarketers, web developers, fry cooks, secretaries, sanitation workers, doctors, the unemployed, bartenders, tattoo artists, social workers, teachers, etc. People from your street, your neighborhood, your town – putting the interests of their neighbors and families to work instead of a gallery of representatives from the Fortune 500 slowly grinding you into fuel.

Until then, you can count on any candidate from either team R or team D to throw meaningless promises at you until you begrudgingly pull that lever for them. After that, you can count on seeing your life slowly count for less and less. These parties will never represent you, and neither will ever make your life better. You may perceive that one party may make you less miserable, but it’s still misery waiting for you.