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Sasha Y. Kimel via flickr
Sasha Y. Kimel via flickr

It’s that time of year again when I clean my mp3 player of all the junk I’ve collected throughout the year and narrow down what warrants sticking around. I love my music political and I want it to tell me what it thinks, there’s enough flowery feel good music out there for me to hear anytime I want – I want something that seeks to rock the boat! I mostly listen to punk rock but here’s what really got me thinking last year. Let me know in the comments what you liked in 2011.

The Bombs of Enduring Freedom – Molotov EP
TBoEF is an English act that plays a mix of industrial metal and electronic music which kind of takes it out of my usual preferences but the music really makes it hard to dislike as well as the sentiment behind it. James Fogarty, the man behind the music, makes all of his releases available for free via his website so go load yourself up. My favorite song on this record is This is the Israeli Navy.

Chief – Apply Within
Another English group, this one playing punk rock. Their 2007 release Provocation of the Nation will forever be one of my favorite records, lefty or not. Nicholas, their singer, finds a way to bring a lot of information into a song while still making it a song and not a lecture. This record sees a bit more of a departure in their sound with an incorporation of hip-hop and reggae into their sound. My favorite song on this record is Exposures.

Cobra Skulls – Agitations
Cobra Skulls have always been really provocative with the way they approach the ideas in their songs; one of my favorites lines from their songs is “even though my hand prepared the food you eat, you wouldn’t stop to shake it if you saw me on the street.” These guys are right out of Las Vegas and this new record opens up with a great song about global warming titled Six Degrees.

The Decline – Are You Going to Eat That?
Last Year’s “Favorite Lefty Tunes” featured this Australian punk band’s first record I’m Not Gonna Lie to You and they fuckin’ did it again. Another amazing record by a band that is quickly becoming my absolute favorite. This record hits on racism, immigration, sweat-shop labor, religious superstition, and class warfare. An amazing follow-up to their great debut. My favorite track is Showertime in the Slammer.

The King Blues – Punk & Poetry
Another great release from this English rock band. Part punk, part reggae, part ska, part folk, part everything. A great record that puts a little of everything into making a great sound with an awesome message. My favorite track is We Are Fucking Angry for a good protest anthem.


  • Pour Habit – Got Your Back
  • Part-Time Killer – People, Religion, Death
  • Adolescents – The Fastest Kid Alive
Jan 20

It Happens Already

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Metal Chris via flickr
Metal Chris via flickr

With the massive protest against SOPA/PIPA comes the states response in the form of the takedown of filesharing site It serves as yet another example that the state can and will do anything they want whether or not their actions are codified in some legalese passed by old men in a congressional chamber. The codification of their acts only acts as a way of removing any doubt of their ability – a metaphorical smearing in our face of their power. Like the NDAA before this, these proposed laws are actions that the state already commits. It really doesn’t matter if they pass or not. It. Is. Already. Happening.
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*eddie via flickr
*eddie via flickr

If this election’s primary season for the Republican nomination hasn’t presented enough evidence to show us the truth of this, then take a look at this article on io9. Turns out, democracies only work when large swathes of uninformed individuals side with a perceived majority. Well no kidding. What else would cause an endless cycle of individuals voting against their every interest, relieving themselves of any ounce of power they might have held, and placing it in the hands of sociopathic millionaires? The fallacy that we are taught, that democracies only work when people are informed, is proven false every 2 years in America yet we go on believing we can make a difference in those booths.
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